Siglo Cero was the first brand to bring the traditional recipe for pox to the market. 

It was here that, 11 years ago, two young adventures began a great journey that would change the course of their lives. During a holiday trip, Mexico City college students Isidoro Guindi and Marcos Sacal discovered pox, a sacred spirit used by the Tzotzil Maya people in regional ceremonies and important occasions.

More than just a beverage, the potent distillate serves as a vehicle to connect with the ancestors and as a medicinal remedy for a various ailments. After all, pox is a Tzotzil word meaning “medicine” or healing”.

Intrigued, the friends began tasting different varieties of pox (pronounced posh) and speaking to distillers as they traveled. But after meeting Javier and Ángel Pérez, a pair of brothers who are 7th generation master craftsmen of this artisanal spirit, everything began to make sense.


They experienced an intense connection to the brothers and, as the pox flowed, so did their questions-why is your distilled spirit so different from the rest? Why don’t other distilleries use corn? Why is there so much poverty and illiteracy in these communities? They learned that the extreme poverty was a consequence of the government’s abandonment of the largely indigenous state, which deprived them of resources for basic needs such as building schools. and that corn was reserved for consumption as food, so most distillers only used sugarcane and wheat to make their pox as consequence of their poverty. 
Nevertheless, and at a great expense to their economy, the Pérez brothers used four different types of native corn-red, black, white and yellow-in their ceremonial distillate because their devotion to their deities was greater. Moved by this experience, Guindi and Sacal decided they had todo something. Bring this spirit to the masses, yes, but do it in a socially responsible way that would benefit these communities without corrupting their culture.

What we do

Ferme is a social enterprise. We are an organic market garden and community hub situated just outside of Winkleigh, North Devon. We grow fantastic vegetables, salads, herbs & fruits, using only hand tools. Our aim is to grow produce that benefits us, our wildlife the soil and our community.

Our food is for our community. All our produce is eaten within a 30 mile radius of the farm. We invite our community to be a part of the farm, joining us for events and volunteering at the farm. Keep an eye on our events page for this year’s happenings.

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