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Siglo Cero

Siglo Cero Pox is a 100% Mexican brand.Native to the state of Chiapas, it was born with the purpose of gathering and exposing a small part of the great cultural wealth we can find in our roots today. We are focused in providing our customers with a Pox of the highest quality in its production process, thus rescuing the original recipe that has been used for centuries.


(pronounced posh)

Because of its ceremonial significance, Pox is a spirit of major importance in Mayan culture. It is based on a combination of fermented sugar cane, wheat and most importantly, native corns. It is produced in San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, where the tradition of drinking Pox is kept alive thanks to its distinctive flavor and meaning.

In Tzotzil, a Mayan language, Pox (posh) means medicine or cure and it is considered an all-natural remedy.

¿How to drink Pox?

Pox is usually taken along with coffee beans, jicama (Mexican Yam Bean or Turnip) topped with a sprinkle of ground coffee. The coffee bean should be savored, then chewed and Pox should be taken immediately after to be able to taste the explosion of flavors.


Our Logo represents an image of the mayan culture. The colors represent the beautifu landscapes, dresses , houses and people that we find in Chiapas, Mexico .


Macerations Another way to enjoy pox is by macerating the drink with different fruits and spices, such as fig, nanche, mango, cinnamon and peppermint. Siglo Cero offers its know-how to bars and restaurants in regards to the exotic maceration process and its necessary components, such as maceration glass jars and the right way to serve the final product as an appetizer

Social Responsability

It is our mission to assist in the development of indigenous communities in Mexico and therefore we are commited helping those less fortunate, always acting with social responsibility.

LA CEREMONIA ESTÁ LISTA, El fuego está list0 encendido. todos nos reunimos a su alrededor. Uno canta, emite las oraciones y todos nos agregamos a ellas con la mente y el cuerpo. Pasamos el pox de mano a mano, símbolo de hermandad entre nosotros, bebida que enlaza al humano con la tierra.

“The business is about linking our lifestyle with a healthy future. We exist the way we do because there is a rapidly growing number of people who share our views and want to engage with our product, it’s a cycle that connects ecology, people and a sustainable way of living.”

Kate Denay / Ferme Owner

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